Petra's Art Hub Vegetable Garden Coloring Planner

Vegetable Garden Coloring Planner


Getting started with a vegetable garden can be quite of bit of an undertaking and leave you feeling overwhelmed. But if you are in the space of doing more for yourself, to relax while also being more active, then a garden can be the solution.   

Over the years, we have had several gardens in our homestead to be more self-sustaining, and the one thing we didn't use? 

A planner to help us be more organized about it. We just kinda dug up the dirt, tilled the heck out of it, and planted all the things that we'd eat. This means we placed plants together that perhaps shouldn't be in the same space, didn't give enough space to some, and totally didn't take the soil and zone into consideration. 

And with a Gardening Journal you can now plan your garden daily, weekly, monthly things to do and consider or by season from seed to harvest.

What I love about this particular planner is that you can color it which has its own benefits to your overall well-being. It's like your balancing the action with the mindfulness and when it comes to our self-care it doesn't get any better than this. And let's not forget once you are able to harvest your produce, the good food you were able to grow and can now eat! This is like a triple-win situation. 

Here are the pages that are inside the Vegetable Garden Planner: 

Gardening Planner It’s Garden Planning Thyme!
Seed Packed Plant Profile
Seed Inventory Planting Guide
Planting Schedule Plant Signs
Plant Log Garden Layout
Spacing Chart Sun Map
Hardiness Zone Soil Status Log
Compost Tracker Fertilizer Profile
Problem/Experimentation Log Pesticides Profile
Garden Log Weather Tracker
Monthly Task List; p>Plants by Moon Phase
Transplanting Tracker Companion Planting
Succession Planting Gardening Budget
Expense Tracker Produce Earnings
Future Garden Planner Seasons Checklist
Season Tracker Tools Checklist
Harvest Log Plant Wishlist

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I was born in Bad Homburg, Germany. Growing up in foster care I spend a lot of time alone creating art or writing stories. In 1992, when I became pregnant, I discovered crochet and emersed myself in the craft. I also immigrated to the US and throughout the years, I explored various mediums of art – such as macrame, cross-stitch, and painting - while raising my kids. In 2005, I wanted to create my own wood beads and discovered the wood-burner and fell in love with it. It’s at the same time I had the nudge to start my handmade business part-time with the intention to be full-time someday.

But life derailed for a little while, as I became a special needs parent, enrolled in online college twice, and am the proud owner of a B.S. in Accounting and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling – which eventually led me to start my coaching + consulting business.  

Throughout the years I kept coming back to three mediums: coloring, crochet, and wood-burning, and am now balancing two businesses! With most of the kids creating their own lives and only the youngest left, I get to create art and teach people how to make art, while also helping people with their goals. It’s having the cake and eating it too!

I live in Central Virginia with tons of inspiration out of my backyard, the blue ridge mountains, and the events I attend!

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