Crochet Bistro

Crochet Bistro

What if you could tap into a hidden talent or interest?

You have seen amazing crochet works of art and have an interest in exploring it, but keep telling you that you don't have talent or skills but maybe if you give yourself the time, space, and a little dose of patience you could create amazing yarn projects! 

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Learning to crochet doesn't have to be complicated. 

You can have the best yarn in the world but if you don't know what the best project is for the yarn - then you may end up wasting precious time creating your fiber creation. 

Maybe you have the dream of creating the perfect work of art. 

Maybe you want fewer mistakes in your crochet.  

Maybe want to have brilliant crochet creations that you can gift to family and friends or sell to those interested in your works of art. 

You may have seen so many cool projects that can be done with yarn but it just feels so far out of reach that you don't even know where to begin.  

My goal for the Crochet Bistro is to really come together, learn and improve our skills, connect with other crocheters and maybe even start and grow a business, all while helping this small business owner (that's me) doing what I love to do.

Welcome to Crochet Bistro!

The Crochet Bistro was created to cut through all of the noise of doubt and give you an exact path to get started, improve, and perfect unleash your creativity as a crochet artist.

A place where you are supported in embracing the crochet artist you are and that means we will talk about things like mindsets, confidence, how to deal with people, and all of the non-technical things that are not even covered!

While watching YouTube videos on crochet techniques is great it can be a challenge to really get sorted on a new technique that you need to create a finished piece of crochet work. And the Crochet Bistro will have everything in one place. 

When you dream about being a crochet artist, it means facing the emotional heights and lows that come with being an artist. This makes the journey of improving and honing your skills a very lonely one because people tend to not get it that is of a different mindset – and brush it off as just a hobby.

It’s Our Mission To:

  • Bringing crochet instruction and techniques together that is easy to understand
  • Give Crochet Artists the confidence and skills to create amazing works of art
  • Re-Kindle the spark into a flame for Hobby Artists just getting back into it


The Crochet Bistro is for you to get access to tutorials & patterns, crochet-along (CAL), a crochet community, and me! I wanted to create a place where you can learn the skill of crochet, ask questions, get answers and participate in community events.  You will also e featured in the Artist Showcase if you choose to share your work!

Our community feature is inside the hub where we can connect, make friends and get to know each while also supporting our journey as crochet artists and our businesses! 

My name is Petra Monaco, and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to our community!

I started to crochet at 17 when I was pregnant with my first child, prior to that I thought it was only for grandmothers, and well - that wasn't a cool thing to do. I started my journey working on filet crochet making doilies and placemats - and now I wouldn't necessarily recommend starting there when you begin your crochet journey. 

Over time, I found myself buying more hooks, and more yarn and venturing into different styles and patterns, crocheting custom blankets for friends and family. In 2005, I found myself venturing into starting my handmade business, selling my creations. Having put a pause on crochet a time here and there, I keep coming back to it and hearing people say, they wish they could learn. 

Well, you can! 

Whether you are just getting started with crochet or looking to hone your skills, Crochet Bistro is the place for you to be.

Some of the challenges when getting started or honing your skills are:

  • What it means to BE a crochet artist
  • Information is scattered everywhere
  • Can be a bit lonely on the journey 

What the Crochet Bistro has to offer:

  • Patterns + Tutorials to expand your skills 
  • Community Connection to ask questions, get support and more importantly connect with others 
  • Business & Marketing Advice if you're interested in exploring making extra money 
  • Be featured in the Artist Showcase to show off your work 
  • Access to the Crochet Academy - the resource for Crochet Stitches and Crochet Stitch Patterns.

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