Petra's Art Hub Owl Pyrography Clock

Owl Pyrography Clock


A friend of mine and fellow wood-burning artist, milled his own wood last year and gave me a few wood pieces to use. I had been mulling over how to use them for some time, and I finally had an idea! 

I was making a clock and the first part was to sand it with the coarse and fine sandpaper to get it as smooth as I could get it. This took a bit of time and is really an important part of prepping your work surface. It helps the tips to burn the wood better but also transfers the pattern. This ended up being the bigger challenge and I had to go over it multiple times in order to get the rough outline of the pattern. 

Since I was going for a silhouette I only needed the outline. Initially, I thought that one of my writing tips would be great to use but it ended up being way more challenging than I thought, so I switched to my favorite and trusted shader tip and it worked so much better for me. 

This is the first time I ever made a clock and learned a few things along the way, such as carving out the spot in the back for the clock mechanism first and drilling the hole. My partner drilled the hole for me and I used a Dremel for the carving process it takes a little bit of time and measure of how deep to go so that the mechanism will fit properly. 

Also when I purchased the clock mechanism, I didn't think about the contrast and so I ended up painting the pieces white but that isn't going to work in the long run, so I am currently on the search for brass colored clock mechanism as my partner said that would probably look best. 

Here's the current piece the way it stands now, and I have one more oak cookie that will become a clock with a similar design just a different animal! 


I was born in Bad Homburg, Germany. Growing up in foster care I spend a lot of time alone creating art or writing stories. In 1992, when I became pregnant, I discovered crochet and emersed myself in the craft. I also immigrated to the US and throughout the years, I explored various mediums of art – such as macrame, cross-stitch, and painting - while raising my kids. In 2005, I wanted to create my own wood beads and discovered the wood-burner and fell in love with it. It’s at the same time I had the nudge to start my handmade business part-time with the intention to be full-time someday.

But life derailed for a little while, as I became a special needs parent, enrolled in online college twice, and am the proud owner of a B.S. in Accounting and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling – which eventually led me to start my coaching + consulting business.  

Throughout the years I kept coming back to three mediums: coloring, crochet, and wood-burning, and am now balancing two businesses! With most of the kids creating their own lives and only the youngest left, I get to create art and teach people how to make art, while also helping people with their goals. It’s having the cake and eating it too!

I live in Central Virginia with tons of inspiration out of my backyard, the blue ridge mountains, and the events I attend!

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