Petra's Art Hub March Newsletter

March Newsletter


It's been a minute since I send you an email and there are a few reasons! And there's a lot going on!

Winter - I don't function well in it and now that spring is here - so am I! 🤣 In all seriousness - I don't love the cold and gray days and struggle through the season and the minute it gets warm I can feel the energy come back. And I am ready for it.

I had a few personal things going on that were related to my son - as he's transitioning into adulthood (he graduates high school in a few months) but due to his disabilities, there have been some challenges we are maneuvering and they took time from all the things I needed to be doing.

And if that wasn't enough, I moved all of my content from the Coloring Creatives and Pyrography Academy here, and that was a bit of an undertaking. There are a few reasons.

  • everything is now in one place and that makes it easier to manage
  • it's more cost-effective for my business this way

And I decided to start doing in-person events again and that means creating inventory for said events. You can check out all new items here! You can see where I'll be this year under the events tab on my Facebook Page!

Just a side note - I will be making the shop unavailable during event days - so if you see something you want get it while you can. You can also contact me for a commission!

But new content has been added to The Coloring Lounge! All March pages are in and I'll be adding more pages this next week!

And there's new content on my YouTube Channel - check it out!

🎥 Honey Bee Box Time Lapse - the tutorial for this is inside the Pyrography Cafe!


Click here to read more

🎥 I love you deerly time lapse - is also inside the Pyrography Cafe


Click here to read more

I'm off to pack the car for tomorrow's event!


Petra Monaco


I was born in Bad Homburg, Germany. Growing up in foster care I spend a lot of time alone creating art or writing stories. In 1992, when I became pregnant, I discovered crochet and emersed myself in the craft. I also immigrated to the US and throughout the years, I explored various mediums of art – such as macrame, cross-stitch, and painting - while raising my kids. In 2005, I wanted to create my own wood beads and discovered the wood-burner and fell in love with it. It’s at the same time I had the nudge to start my handmade business part-time with the intention to be full-time someday.

But life derailed for a little while, as I became a special needs parent, enrolled in online college twice, and am the proud owner of a B.S. in Accounting and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling – which eventually led me to start my coaching + consulting business.  

Throughout the years I kept coming back to three mediums: coloring, crochet, and wood-burning, and am now balancing two businesses! With most of the kids creating their own lives and only the youngest left, I get to create art and teach people how to make art, while also helping people with their goals. It’s having the cake and eating it too!

I live in Central Virginia with tons of inspiration out of my backyard, the blue ridge mountains, and the events I attend!

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