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My name is Petra, and I am an Artist and Author, adding teaching to my spiel. 

It breaks my heart to hear people telling me that they are not creative or talented and wish they were.  I believe everything is learnable with patience, PMA (positive mental attitude), and willingness to do so. 

My approach is to provide an opportunity to get personalized support so that you can master the techniques (be it wood-burning or crochet) you need to tackle projects confidently on your own.

But let's talk about you...

Have you always wanted to start a hobby, like crochet or wood-burning?  

Maybe you started and tried teaching yourself but gave up because you have no idea where you went wrong

Perhaps someone in your circles like a friend or family tried to teach you, and it didn't end well?  

The good news is, you're not alone! Not everyone is an instant natural but with help + support, you can master your chosen craft. And if you just want to mindlessly color, I got you covered there as well! 

Available Products

Coloring Pages + Membership

Explore our Coloring Page Bundles or join the Coloring Lounge to tap into your inner creative child to have fun and relax at the same time. 

Pyrography Patterns, Tutorials + Membership

Learn to get started with wood-burning, explore our tutorials or join the Pyrography Cafe Membership! 

Crochet Patterns, Tutorials + Membership

Learn to get started with crochet, explore the patterns and tutorials or join the Crochet Bistro Membership (coming soon!) 

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